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As a small business holder

You may ask five questions to yourselves all the time:
1. How do I know this business decision I have made is correct or not?
2. Why do I always feel there was not enough money left in my pocket or bank account even though I have reasonable income?
3. I want to spend more time on developing my business but I just got so many things to do which limits my performance.
4. I only have limited knowledge on taxation and accounting therefore I don't know whether I am acting in right way or not but I can't afford to pay for the professional advices
5. I just started/am going to start my business, How can I minimise my spending so that I can contribute every possible dollar into my business to grow it.

You may always find yourself:
1. lack of accounting and taxation knowledges to make right decisions on your businesses.
2. have limited funds to pay for professional advice or hire professionals to do some work for you.
3. can contribute 120% on your income generating work but only 20% on administration.
4. are struggle in developing your cash flow,
5. have time confliction between your current work, developing business and get taxation records up to date on time.
6. have paid massive accounting bills for your BAS lodgement or year ending tax work even though you have spent a lot of time on organising your data files and paper work.

Here are some general solutions you may need to fix above problems:
1. an accurate accounting data which you can use it as a tool to help you making business decisions.
2. an up to date financial position and performance summary for you to know where you are now and help you to design the next business strategy or direction.
3. an assistant to help you to get all your paper works organised for management, accounting and taxation purpose so that you can get your head out of those non-income generating work and concentrate on developing your business.
4. an accountant who can always do your jobs on time and respond to you immediately every time when you have inquiries.
5. an accountant who can work together with you by applying latest accounting and taxation changes to you so that you can benefit from them.

Sadly, we find most of small business holders they are either just have few above solutions or have none of aboves. The main reason stopping them to have above solutions is cost issue of course. Some other reasons may be your accountant didn't communicate to you in time or you just have no time to do those things.

We offer a diamond memship to small business holders. The cost of this membership will be very similar to your current accounting bills. However, you will have completely different experience by adopting this membership.
The main concepts of diamond membership include:

1. an account manager who is specifically looking after your account.
2. an online bookkeeper who will help you to get your data file always up-to-date.
3. an online secretary who will help you analysing your data file and email your business performance and other relevant analysis regularly.
4. free general advice from our professional accountant team when you need them.
5. free online database to help you saving your documentations safely and permanently.
6. frequent emails to you in relation to accounting or taxation updates and suggestions.
7. an accountant who will look after your BAS, IAS and year ending tax lodgement and make sure they are all done on time.
8. Issuing the periodic payslips to your staffs as well as year ending PAYG summary and statements etc.
9. an accountant who will be always able to communicate to you in relation to your inquires.

Please take few minutes to watch this demo and see how it works for you.

This DEMO will be available soon.


To start your diamond membership today and have the first month free trial to test.